World's best MIG Welding Torches. Period.

For your welding environment, have you ever thought of

  1. Increasing Productivity for your Welding Application
  2. Reducing Maintenance with MIG Welding Torches by up to 100%
  3. Simplifying inventory (what if Welding Robots, SPM's and Manual machine all had the same consumables)

Great! Us too. But not only did we just think about it, we actually worked on it. And since we felt that was not going to cut it for us, we made sure your cost of ownership of the MIG Torches consumables will come down. Up to 80%!!!

Contact Tips

  1. Cooler tip temperature reduces wear and extends tip life

  2. Dual-lead thread design allows for 180 ̊ rotation of tip to new wear point for extended tip life

  3. Greater surface area contact between tip and head ensures better heat dissipation

  4. Taper design creates a more secure seat. Locked in tips result in better weld consistency and positive electrical conductivity


Quick Load Liners

  1. Requires less than half the time and effort to replace (compared to conventional liners)
  2. Two-piece system with retainer installed inside the power pin on first use
  3. Liner portion feeds from the front of the MIG gun
  4. No need to cut and waste wire!
  5. Avoid climbing over robotic tooling or transfer systems to remove the torch from the wire feeder
  6. Change the liner from a safe zone in the robotic work cell
  7. No need to climb up to change liners in semi-automatic MIG guns connected to boom mounted feeders

Gas Nozzles

  1. Brass insert inside the nozzle maintains inner diameter
  2. Brass insert prevents the nozzle from rocking
  3. High-temperature resistant fiberglass insulator electrically insulates nozzle from the diffuser
  4. Heavy duty crimp holds all three layers together
  5. Custom Nozzles available upon request

The products on offer here are from Tregaskiss, Canada/USA. Tregaskiss is an ITW Group, INR 350 crore (approx) company. Featured in Canada's Top 50 best managed companies and making world class products, we are proud of our association with them. We have been Distributors for Tregaskiss since 2006 and share a strong relationship with the principals based out of Canada.

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