TIG Welding machines from ATE are FabuTIG. Loosely inspired from the word Fabulous, it is because the machines live right up to their true charisma and name. Become a customer of ATE’s limited elite customer base and experience top quality products and service.

The DC TIG Inverter based Welding Power sources from ATE are very high on reliability for all your TIG Welding applications. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Titanium, etc. Weld what you must. 

As for AC TIG Welding, Power Sources are designed for performance like no other. When we first started the TIG AC/DC , little did we know what came our way. The first lot of welding power sources were a big letdown. So much so that we were unable to even launch these models in the market. After multiple setbacks, trials and substantial investment only were we able to deliver what we have today. We even offer a 500 amps model that is available exclusively against orders. Aluminium welding never had it so good.

TIG 300 AC_DC (2).png


Featured alongside is the 300 amps AC/DC TIG Power Source. Comes with built-in HF and a host of features that will just address your welding challenges. Come Aluminium or Stainless Steel, this one will only rise and shine


This is one of our most potent, most popular products. Portable, efficient, reliable. Built in HF, works on a single phase even with a 10% fluctuation. We've got TIG DC all the way from 200 amps to 400 amps. If you're thinking of TIGing SS, we're thinking of you 

TIG_Arc 200 (1).png

TIG_Arc 200P (2).png

TIG DC (Pulse)

This one has a special place in our heart. Coz it can do what many can't. Weld thin metals with distortion so less, you barely notice it. The TIG 200 Pulsed doesn't find it's mention in our standard product catalogs, but we already told you this one was special.