Our Team

Lean, mean and believer's of Go Green. We know that rhymed really well, but it is in fact all true.


Asit Sinha, Managing Director

The man who started it all. Always smiling, forever calm and composed. Owns responsibility for the direction the company is going in. Asit Sinha has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering with a specialisation in Welding. He is a celebrity in his own right within the welding fraternity of India.


Akshat Sinha, CEO

Captain of the ship. Owns responsibility of overseeing the business in it's entirety while keeping a keen eye on the future. He has strong people skills and a sharp understanding of business and unending energy that keeps this place really alive and kicking. Akshat has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. 


Shreyas Mali, Key Accounts Specialist

Exudes natural charm. You can’t miss his genuine smile. Handles large accounts on a sales profile.

Arunabh Majumdar, Technical Sales - Welding Products

High energy, spirited, go getter. He will infect you with his energy. And then he will go around, get your job done and infect a few more with the same energy.

Shrikant Pande, Technical Sales - Welding Products

Calm, soft spoken, sharp wit. Talk to Shrikant once and you will be convinced almost instantly as to why you should associate yourself with ATE

Ganesh Pasalkar, Design

Design Ace. Ganesh creates concepts of engineering and then ensures those are delivered to the customer. His participation, involvement and delivery is par excellence.