Isn't this SAW-perb

The Submerged Arc Welding machines from ATE are just SAW­perb. Loosely inspired from the word Superb, it is because the machines really are that way. The machines are always high on performance, low on maintenance, with a very high uptime track record that will simply boost customer productivity. Become a customer of ATE’s limited elite customer base and experience top quality products and service.

SAW-PERB-1200 (1).png


If we could make such fine MIG Welding Power Sources, why can’t we do it with SAW? Even if the complexities involved are higher. The seed was sown in 2003 and process initiated. It took over 3 months and multiple rounds of trials. The effort of each member towards this was key in making the now-so-popular Submerged Arc Welding Power Source. Since then, the SAW power source has evolved in 2 generations. The latest generation welding power sources are much more efficient in terms of current delivery and system temperature which is much better maintained for several hours of welding time. Some of our products are priced above competition. Trying any of our power sources will put all arguments to rest.

Performance Personified

A design made to work in the harshest of environmental conditions. Give it the meanest combination of heat and humidity and if anything, it will make you sweat.

600 amps for thin wire SAW or 1200 amps for heavy duty welding. You pick, we deliver.

SAW Tractor (1).png