Arc Welding machines from ATE have such MonARCy. Loosely inspired from the word Monarch, it is because the machines really are a reflection of their monarchy. Becoming a customer of ATE’s limited elite customer base and experience top quality products and service will get you a sneak peak into what this experience is like.

Team ATE introduced Inverter technology around mid 2004. Our diode based power sources outlasted and outlived everything our customers knew leaving no desire to try Inverters. We literally had to push this technology with our customers. Our present day technology is the fourth generation Welding Power Sources. They are superior by design and technology, compact by dimension, light by weight and efficient by nature. The MMA Inverter based Welding Power sources from Team ATE are very high on reliability for all your Stick Welding applications. 6013, 7018 or any other; these power sources will not let you down.

Arc Welding Machine.png

More Power to you

Our 4th generation welding power sources allow you weld materials even more efficiently saving time, energy and money. No matter the application, there's an ATE machine that will do it for you.

Efficient by Design

The new power sources have an improved ventilation design. This allows the power source to be even more compact, use smaller, even more efficient forced air fans improving overall performance and footprint. 

Arc Welding Machine 02.png

Arc Welding Machine 03.png


Premium, International styling and aesthetics gives our consumers and our customers a sense of pride. Customers sense of pride in our products is the best feedback one can get.

Available in a range of options from 200 amps to 600 amps on Inverter platform and up to a massive 1200 amps on Diode platform. Click the link below to download a catalogue and technical specifications