MIG Welding machines from ATE are absolutely MIGtastic. Loosely inspired from the word Fantastic, it is because the machines really are a reflection of how good they can be. Become a customer of ATE’s limited elite customer base and experience top quality products and service.

Inverter technology came to ATE in mid 2004. Present day technology is the fourth generation Welding Power Sources. They are superior by design and technology, compact by dimension, light by weight and efficient by nature. The Inverter based Welding Power sources from ATE are both CC and CV at no additional cost to our customers allowing them the liberty to MIG or Arc weld as they like. Digital display meters, simpler controls for complex mechanisms, Forced air cooled for better cooling. So the machines can be just like your operators. Never down tired...

IN-MIG-400 (1).png

Improved Arc Stability

World Class IGBT’s control the frequency at such level allowing for a superb DC sine wave yet keeping power consumption at an all time low

High power factor, in a wide range of voltages thus increasing the power output and reducing consumption levels and the impact on the power supply

Increased Efficiency

The system is designed with a highly efficient forced air cooling fan and to be fully immune to interference caused by the presence of surrounding electromagnetic fields

A power source that is designed to save: the power consumed and by way of space. It’s compact nature maintains a small footprint allowing you to utilize your precious space more efficiently.

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IN-MIG-400 (8).png

Improved Ergonomics

Clean and clear digital display of both current and voltage in separate meters keeps you in control of the situation at all times

We understand the wire feeder travels frequently in your shop-floor along with your welding operator. So we decided to integrate the remote control with the wire feeder and remove the hassle of carrying both. Current and voltage control are present for easy adjustment right on the wire feeder