Custom Solutions for Industrial Automation

Team ATE has been enthusiastic and active about creating products that demonstrate our skills. We work hard and enthusiastically to deliver engineering solutions that are functional and cost effective. What really drives us is that each project must push our limits. A cohesive team ensures projects get delivered successfully; no matter the challenge. 

Please take the time to browse through the videos below to see some of our past work. But let that not be a reflection of what we are capable of...

And below are images from some of our past work. Some are in 3D models only on account of confidentiality of projects. There's work with Articulated 6 axis Robots, PLC's, SCADA, SCARA Robots, Intelligent Systems and more. We don't brag about it, but we also will engineer welding rotators, column and boom, welding positions and more. Just ask us and we will be happy to talk about it.

Think you are ready to do business with us. Please fill out the information below for a specific inquiry. The form is long and may appear demanding. We assure you, it is :)

However, please understand unless we have this basic information, we never know how to start a conversation that talks something about a solution for your application. Please take your time and share maximum details so we can get going as soon as we receive your information. We know you are serious about your business and we will treat it that way.